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- Takes only 2 days to activate your account. (24 hours to open)
- Free Canadian check book.
- Only documentation required is a photocopy of your passport. It does not need to be certified!
- We provide you with the forms. Deal directly with the bank using the forms and resources.
- Account includes VISA debit card that works around the world.
- No account minimums (after initial deposit of $100).
- Free ACH direct deposits.
- Have funds deposited directly into your account from PayPal.
- Full Internet banking.
- Account opening form included in our kit. - List of banks for you to compare and decide which one is best for you!
- Excellent 24/7 Email and Phone Support.

"Account opened in 3 days!"
"I just want to thank you again for your guidebook. The whole process was everything you said it would be. I called ***** even before I received my welcome kit and was able to access my account online, order checks and apply for my Platinum Visa debit card -- just 3 days after I mailed my application! And the financial rep I talked to was so nice, he offered more help than I actually asked for."

- Agnes U. Que

"PayPal confirms account"
"Had my bank account confirmed by PayPal today! It absolutely rocks!! Thanks from London, England"

- Joel Soo

"Account opened same day as application received"
"My account was opened in about 10 days (that's how long the mail took to get there) and then approximately 10 days to receive my welcome pack. Thank you for your excellence help."

- Billy Lee

"VISA Debit Card Received"
"Got my Debit Card today!!"

- D. C.

"Account opened same day as application received"
"Thank you! We received our account number in exactly 7 days (I phoned to get it). And today we have just received our VISA debit card. It was exciting because we received 2 debit cards. One for me and one for my husband, who is a joint account holder."

- Janice & Joe


Open A Canadian Bank Account Quickly & Easily Regardless of Where You Reside



Offered since 1992

The Most Comprehensive Canadian Bank Account Setup Guidebook Offered Online!

Quickly & Easily Open A Canadian Bank Account Within 24 Hours, Hassle-Free!

Open A Personal & Business Canadian Bank Account Regardless of Which Country You're From, or What Language You Speak.

A Site For Both Canadian & Non-Canadian Residents Looking To Open A Personal or Corporate "Business" Bank Account In Canada Within 24 Hours


No matter what your country of origin is, you are ENTITLED to an International Bank Account in Canada.  Check out a list of countries where you can open an account from using our guidebook.


See Below, For A List of Canadian Banks That You Can Open An Account With, Whether You Are A Resident or Non-Resident of Canada



It has undoubtedly become increasingly difficult for both Canadian & Non-Canadian residents to open a Canadian Bank Account over the past several years, due to a number of factors, some of them being the Sept. 11th attacks on the U.S. and the recent bombings in London.  Banks, especially in Canada are now scrutinizing all new account applications which now have adopted new eligibility requirements for new accounts mandated by banking associations & regulatory bodies.

Even life-long Canadian residents are finding it unusually difficult opening an account at the financial institution of their choosing because of current terrorist threats.

The benefits of having a Canadian bank account are not widely known to most Residents and foreigners to the country.  Did you know that banks the Canadian have one of the world's most safest & secure financial networks in the world that rank among the Cayman Islands & banks in Switzerland, and like many renown financial infrastructures in the world, they only divulge your personal information if there is a criminal investigation.  Meaning, your money is 100% secure, and backed by one of the strongest currencies in the world.

Below, you will find some of the benefits of holding a Canadian Bank Account, whether your a local resident, or an International Businessman(Woman):

- Benefits of Becoming A Canadian Bank Account Holder -

All funds are safe & secure that cannot be touched by any one else other than the account holder and beneficiaries, regardless of personal legal matters (divorce & lawsuits). 
Will have the ability to make purchases any where in the world without difficulty.   Did you know that credit card processors on the Internet have a list of countries in their fraud screening systems that automatically flag orders as fraudulent based on IP address & where the Credit/Debit Card was issued?  That's right, you may have experienced the problem yourself on the Internet while purchasing goods & services using a card that has been issued in one of the over 200 countries that merchant providers refer to as possibly fraudulent.  That's because, most fraudulent orders come from a select group of regions & territories.  The Canadian is not on the International Credit Card Fraud List.
You will be issued a Check Book & a debit/credit card that will be accepted anywhere in the world.
You'll might also be surprised by the fact that you will be given an immediate line of CREDIT up opening your account, unlike any other U.S., Swiss or other major financial institution around the world.
In addition, if you choose to, all transactions will be reported to a government-sponsored credit agency, that will create & issue you a unique credit ID# (only available in Canada).  After about a year, this ID will enable you to obtain a credit card from nearly every bank in Canada, along with traditional store credit cards.  THIS IS OPTIONAL WHEN OPENING YOUR ACCOUNT.  This is very powerful means of establishing your credit in Canada., whether you're a resident or a foreigner.
Even though it has become increasingly difficult for foreigners to open Canadian Bank Accounts, a small group of financial institutions will accept new applicants FROM ANY COUNTRY.  The fees aren't any higher than they would be for a resident of the country, and the services offered are the same.  However, you need to contact the proper banking representatives to open account without the headaches.  We have them!

Regardless of which country you are from, what language you speak, or your reasons for opening a Canadian Bank Account, you are ENTITLED to a Canadian Bank Account throughout the new Canadian Banking Regulations if you do not have a criminal history that is linked to terrorism or money laundering.

Whether you're an International Businessman that needs an account in Canada to purchase goods & services abroad, are looking for a safe place to keep money away from those who may want to hinder your personal financial situation and assume your hard-earned money, or a Canadian Resident that has had difficulty opening a certain type of account (business/current), at a specific institution, our featured guidebook will provide you with all of the Canadian Bank Industry resources, backdoor contacts, tools, information & applications to open your account within a 24 hour time frame.

Some may say that there are no benefits to holding a Canadian Bank Account.  But, from any one who has ever held an account in Canada, they will tell you the exact opposite.  The truth is by opening a bank in account in a country that boasts one of the strongest currencies in the world, your transactions will be processed & accepted in nearly every country in the world without question.

This upper-hand will enable you to conduct business more easily over the Internet and while traveling, at the same time building your credit in Canada, which will eventually allow to open credit cards through banks & stores all throughout the country.

Canadian Bank Accounts both personal & business, allow you to grow financially, unlike accounts in many other countries throughout the world.  in Canada, every financial transaction, whether it be a debit, credit card purchase or wire transfer, is linked & reported to a government-run credit agency.  U.S., Canadian, Swiss & Cayman financial institutions do not have this setup, and therefore all of your positive banking activity goes unrecognized.  Do you really want that?

If you are a citizen of the United States, and a hold a U.S. Bank Account, you know that obtaining credit is nearly impossible if you don't have any previous or current credit activity, such as a loan.  Even though you might be earning thousands of dollars monthly, and you pay your bills on time (rent, car payments, utility & cell phone bills), that activity will not be reported to any credit bureau, thus PREVENTING you from improving your overall credit score.  If you are a foreigner to the U.S., the higher the credit score, the more of a chance you will be issued a line of credit from a financial institution.  The only time you will receive a positive remark on your credit report from paying your bills is when the company you're paying has a reporting contract setup.  This is not the case for 90% of the companies in the U.S.?

But, keep in mind that the U.S. is not the only country to offer bank accounts that do not offer credit building services.  Nearly all financial infrastructures throughout in the world are set up the same, except the Canadian, and a handful of other International financial networks.

The U.S. banking & credit scoring system is not geared for the consumers in mind, rather a vehicle for boosting revenues for big banks.  It's an unfortunate thing...  Canadian financial institutions are there to help you grow personally on a one-to-one level.

Step into a U.S. Bank, then step into a Canadian bank, and you'll immediately see the difference.

Why pay a mediator/consultant hundreds of dollars to open a Canadian bank account for you at an unknown financial institution?

Some things are too good to be true, and the online Canadian bank account consultants are certainly that.  The BIG SELL that most Online Canadian Banking Consultants offer is the fastest processing of the account opener's application.

The fact of the matter is, yes, they do submit your Account Application to a Canadian Bank that is unknown to you until after the account is setup, immediately after you give them $100-400.  And, well, that's all they do....  They simply fill out a short account application form online, and submit your information.  ALL FOR HUNDREDS OF $$$'s.

The only problem is, that the application is now in the UNKNOWN banks hands and it is out of the consultants/mediator's control.  The Canadian bank that they had submitted your application form decides if & when they will open your account.  There are some Canadian banks that will set up an account for you within 1 business day, and there others that have a 3-4 week waiting policy to screen for criminal activity for new applicants.

As a future Canadian bank account holder, don't you want to be in more control over who you choose as a financial institution?  It's only logical that you would want to be in the drivers seat during the whole process!

Additionally, most of the Canadian Online Banking Consultants do not have backdoor agreements setup with the actual financial institutions, unlike us.  Therefore, they cannot guarantee foreigners that they will indeed be able to open a bank account.  There are many factors, such as country of residence, purposes, documentation requirements etc...

We have formed relationships with top banking representatives at the biggest Canadian Financial Institutions to expedite the account application process for both Canadian & Non-Canadian Residents, regardless of country.  Our staff members meet up with the banking managers & account representatives monthly to ensure that ANY ONE, regardless of country of residents, can open a Canadian Bank Account of their choice using our list of select banks featured in our unique guidebook.

Our Featured eBook

Why entrust all of your personal information to a possibly fraudulent Canadian Banking Online Consultant that you have never met, when you can choose which Canadian financial institution you want to do business with, and fill out the Account Application Forms directly online yourself.

At our site, we offer an eBook, which provides a complete list of all Canadian Financial Institutions that offer various types of accounts that exist (Personal, Business) (Checking, Savings) to any one, if they do not have a criminal background. 

Each Canadian bank listed within our ebook includes a description of their services, their fees, actual client comments, location, complete contact information, and a direct link to their ONLINE account application form.

What is most important of all, is that you don't need to fly to the Canadian to open a bank account.  Our ebook is geared to those who are not currently residing in Canada, but need an account in the quickest manner with minimal documentation, low fees & no minimum initial deposit.

The four types of Canadian bank accounts that Canadian financial institutions are offering are as follows:  Deposit "basic accounts", Current, Student & Business

All Canadian Bank Accounts can be opened online instantly, but in order for you to fund it, you must complete the official application package that will be sent to your physical address or emailed to you as an attachment.  Just fax it back to one of the institutions listed in our ebook, and the bank will open your account in 24 hours.  It will take an additional 3-4 days for your account to become active due to Canadian banking regulations.

Within our featured eBook, you will find: 1.) Direct Links to Online Canadian Bank Account Application Forms for you to fill out, 2.)  Comprehensive listing of Canadian Banks & Financial Institutions, including:  Full Addresses, Phone & Fax Numbers, Web Site & Email Addresses 3.)  Canadian Banking Tips, Resources, Tools, Information & Contacts, and 4.) Everything you need to know about banks in Canada

Many of those who refer to web sites offering services to "OPEN A Canadian BANK ACCOUNT INSTANTLY" are oblivious to the account types, fees & services that the Canadian financial institution provides.

5 Things New Account Openers Should Know

The account type that is the most suitable.
Account Fees that are imposed by the financial institution.
Available services that can be of assistance to you.
Financial Institution Requirements such as: Minimum Deposits, Documentation, Residency & Non-Residency Issues, etc...
The time it takes to open a new account when all information is provided.

If you plan on paying a consultant online hundreds of dollars to open a Canadian bank account without knowing the above, you could be in for a big surprise!

The bottom line is, if you're looking to open a Canadian bank account, why not have a bit more control over who you choose to bank with.  After all, why pay hundreds of dollars to somebody who is just going to fill out a short online account application form at a Canadian financial web site, when you can do it yourself for FREE and on your own terms.

Like any savvy business-minded individual will agree with, knowledge is power which brings about good decision-making.

When opening a Canadian Bank Account using any of the financial institutions listed in our eBook, you will realize the following:

  • Instant Online Account Application Submission
  • Guaranteed Approval - for Canadian & Non-Canadian Residents (regardless of country)
  • No Minimum Account Deposits - Open an Active Canadian Bank with 0$






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